Charity Care Packages

For quite some time I’ve been wanting to create care packages for other people with Endometriosis, because, well lets face it, living with Endo is hard! When I was first diagnosed I had my surgery, I was told briefly what was found on the surgeon’s ward round (I was off my face on painkillers so I barely remembered a thing) and then I had a follow up appointment 6 months later. But inbetween the surgery and my follow up I had nothing, no information, no support…nothing…zilch…zero…nada.

I think that’s pretty shocking really and very sadly I’m not the only one. Pretty much every other Endo Warrior I’ve met has had the same experience. You have surgery, you’re told you have it (whilst off your face on post-op pain meds), then you’re sent home. What next? What does this mean for me? Is what I’m experiencing normal?

So this is where my care package idea came from. My aim is to ensure that when someone is diagnosed with endo they don’t just get sent away to fend for themselves. The packages are being handed out on surgery day to endo patients by the Endometriosis Specialist Nurse. Unfortunately due to Covid-19 there has been a delay on surgeries so I have been posting some out. So far around 30 lovely people have received a care package.

At the moment the only hospital that is currently giving out the care packages is Castle Hill Hospital near Hull, so if you live elsewhere but you’re having surgery and feel that you would benefit from a care package then please complete the form below – please note that I only have limited funds so I ask for a donation towards the cost of the care package & shipping. Currently the care packages can only be sent within the UK.

I put the packages together using funds that have been kindly donated by the very generous public, without their support it would not be possible to run the project. If you would like to donate to help me keep the project going as long as I can then please CLICK HERE

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