A supportive place for Endometriosis sufferers


I truly hope you find this a friendly, helpful and supportive place that you can visit for help, advice and inspiration as you make your way through your Endometriosis Journey.

However long your journey has been to reach this place, please know there are many others like you who will offer advice and support. I have suffered for over 21 years with this disease [read my whole story here] and searched high and low for help, but rarely found anything to help me.

There is help out there but with this website I hope to bring all that help, support and advice into one place.

I have learned an awful lot about Endo over the years. My blog page will be regularly updated with advice, tips, stories and inspiration. Please feel free to leave a comment if the blog topic helps you or you need more info.

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This website will grow and grow as time goes by. I have SO MANY THINGS I want to share with you to help along the way.

I too have good days and bad days. The last few years have been mostly bad but I’m now focusing on the website, putting together my Endo Buddies Self Care Packs, and making something positive out of my situation.

I hope to build a community of strong women who together can support each other through the bad days and celebrate each other’s successes on the good days!

Thank you for being here. I truly hope we can help each other.

Sending gentle hugs your way.

Katy xxx


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